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Lightning Does Strike Twice

December 20th, 2007

Just eight days after receiving a email from Mark Tischler, son of B.R. Tischler a passenger on board BCPA 304 (see news brief below), his brother Grant contacted Christopher and provided us with additional family history that is helping weave a personal insight into this historical event. We are deeply grateful to both brothers for sharing this information with the Committee as well as readers around the world. Thank you Mark and Grant.

Go the Readers section for the full text from Grant.

Son of a Resolution Passenger Offers His Appreciation for Efforts Under Way

December 12th, 2007

The reach and power of the Internet was front and center stage today as Christopher O'Donnell received an email from Mark Tischler, son of B.R. Tischler one of the passengers on board flight 304. He had discovered the Resolution Committee's web site at http://flightoftheresolution.org/ and contacted Christopher. Mark, who lives in Australia, was very appreciative that " there are people trying to pay tribute to those lost on this flight." He also wished us success, and we are invigorated by his encouragement and continue the task to secure an appropriate site for the plaque, history and artifacts.

You can read the full text of his correspondence at the Readers section of our site.

Hiller Museum Decides to Forgo a Permanent 'Resolution Display

November 1st, 2007

After 4 years of effort by the Resolution committee and the generous donation of the Memorial plaque by the Native Sons of the Golden West, Hiller Museum, the intended resting place for this piece of San Mateo history, has decided to not display the collected artifacts and plaque. They have determined that the historical importance of the Resolution will not be included in their on-going plans, and has advised Christopher of this unfortunate turn of events. The committee remains hopefully that an alternate local entity will step forward to sponsor an appropriate venue for this important part of aviation history.

We will keep you informed as we receive any news, and a thank you to all who have continued your support.

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Three Years of Efforts Finally Lifts Off and Lands

October 25th, 2006

sfor28touchdown250wOn October 25th, after a year of negotiation by Ron Wilson, retired spokesperson for SFO, Christopher O'Donnell obtained permission for the unprecedented closure of Runway 28 at San Francisco International Airport to touch the tarmac with a tail section of VH-BPE " Resolution." The gesture symbolized the arrival of Flight 304 of BCPA, 53 years after it crashed. While recognizing each individual who was lost, the event gave a sense of closure to this tragedy.

Channel 7 requested an exclusive filming of the occasion and gave the subject four minutes of air time on the 6 o'clock news. " Reading the passengers and crew names on that runway was a moving moment for me, I can assure you!," said O'Donnell.

The piece of wreckage will be displayed as a key relic in the memorial to this catastrophe, which will be built at Hiller Aviation museum in 2007.

October 29th, 2006

Dedication of the granite plaque, sponsored by the Native Sons of the Golden West, was officiated on October 29th, 2006, the 53rd anniversary of the loss of " Resolution" VH-BPE, at Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos. The solemn occasion was attended by NSGW officers and representatives of the museum, 40 in all, that appreciated the tasteful etching of the 19 passengers and crew, soon to be incorporated in a display memorial at the museum.

Photo Credits: SFO- Greg Kingrey, Dedication- Linda Suffion


Christopher O'Donnell Headline Speaker at Native Sons Dinner


Christopher O'Donnell, founding member of the Flight of the Resolution Committee, was invited to make a presentation at the Native Sons of the Golden West's parlor in Napa, California. A sit down dinner for over 200 members and their families included a show & tell of the history of this event, and current efforts to establish a memorial commemoration. The highlight of his talk that evening was him producing an actual piece of the aircraft tail section retrieved form the crash site in San Mateo County of VH-BPE, the airliner assigned to that fateful flight almost 52 years ago.

From that evening, a decision was made by NSGW to place the Resolution Project under the " umbrella" of an arm of NSGW known as the " Historical Preservation Foundation" . NSGW feels that this project, their first under this banner, would be a wonderful start to a comprehensive master-planned approach to preserving the most valued relics of California's history. The support of this new foundation will generate increased awareness of the Resolution Committee's goal and should bring about the memorial dedication in a timely manner.

Resolution Committee Decision on Wing Removal


After a recent arduous hike on Kings Mountain, with representatives from Hiller museum and MROSD to inspect the remaining wing section of the Resolution, Christopher O'Donnell made a decision to respect the sanctity of the site by not removing this relic from its resting place. This was predicated on the obvious fact that its condition, after over 50 years exposure to the elements, was too delicate for one-piece removal and its remoteness, within the woods, would make such removal dangerous for recovery workers and damage the surrounding pristine environment. When further funds are available through donations to the Resolution project, helicopter extraction is a viable alternative but that would require numerous permits and monies not available to the committee at this time.