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October 2013 60th Anniversary Hike-In
A galley of photos from the 60th Anniversary Hike
Thoughts from Shane Saunders from the 60th Anniversary Hike

On Friday, November 1, 2013 12:20 AM, Shane Saunders wrote:
Hello Christopher! I do not know if I have thanked you for all of your efforts over the years! Because of you I was able to take care of one of my "bucket list" items on Tuesday.
The direction that events took was probably for the best,because while we were at the crash site,there was alot of discussion about what might have gone wrong during the fateful flight.These were comments that it was probably for the best that Capt.Dickson's son should not have heard.
I did write something on the Kapell website.Thank you for the suggestion.The following is what I read at the crash site:
October 29th is a date that sticks hard in the memory.As much as September 11th and December 7th for so many people.
While still in high school in 1952,my mother purchased a recording of Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto.And it happened to be the Kapell recording.My exposure to his playing began while I was merely an infant.My mother frequently played the record in my house.I might have discovered Kapell's playing on my own,but the fact remains that my mother was responsible for nurturing me at the youngest possible age with the artistry of William Kapell.
And he has remained an inspiration to me through the years,particularly during my years as a performing musician.William Kapell is generally recognized to be the greatest pianistic talent that this country has ever produced.He was well on his way to becoming one of the most important pianists of the 20th Century at the time of his death.
If ever someone personified the term "true artist",it was William Kapell.Kapell strived for perfection and was never totally satisfied.Was never complacent.The great ones are always searching,constantly asking themselves,"How can I make this better?".Just when one thought"How could he have possibly played any better?",evidence in abundance came in the form of recordings from his final concert tour in Australia,recordings which came to light almost 10 years ago.
To give you a taste of what he was like,I quote from one of his last letters,"Music isn't enough.Performers aren't enough.There must be someone who loves music as much as life.For you,and remember this always,those of us with something urgent to say,we give everything".
William Kapell may have been the most famous passenger aboard the Resolution,but there were 18 other lives lost that day,60 years ago.
And every life is important,especially to family members,and in the eyes of God.
October 2009 Dedication at El Corte Madera Creek Preserve
A galley of photos from the June 27th Flight of the Resolution dedication
Christopher O'Donnell Dedication Speech

" I like cats....I love cats !
My tamed feral, Tim. would be relentless in his the garden....inside our house for the most comfy spot....
What I learned from him was the rewards of 'stick-to-itiveness' and this dedication, today, is the result of a quest , hatched many, many months ago to not let the negative tragedy of RESOLUTION be turned into no less than a positive outcome, not only for the placement of the memorial plaque you see before you but the unsaid lives saved because of technical improvements for safer air travel, introduced to The San Francisco Bay Area and I expect the State of California and nation wide.

Heart felt thanks for this project to be completed must include MROSD....Native Sons of The Golden West for the actual granite memorial donors, now listed on our web site. Resolution Home , ......too many to mention aviation 'wing nuts' and 'your' neighbor next door who simply wanted to help "get this done".....

A "Thank You All" seems too little to say......but it is no less to say...Thank you all !

Enjoy this glorious sunny day.....with a smile ...and maybe a few tears....knowing RESOLUTION...crew and passengers will not be forgotten! "

October 2012 BPCA Images
Courtesy of Peter Wordsworth

February 2005 Activity
Newly released pictures from a February 2005 hike to investigate the condition of the largest intact wing portion with Christopher O'Donnell and North West from the Hiller Aviation museum
Peter Piercy Donation
A former BCPA employee from Palo Alto, Peter donated this artifact for a memorial tribute. For those of you that may have flown during the golden age of aviation, you will surely recognize these as they were routinely given to passengers free of charge!
James Winter
First to arrive on scene and confirm all had perishe

October 2003 Activity
Pictures from the October 25th MROSD docent hike to the crash site in recognition of the 50th anniversary. Photographs are courtesy of Christopher O'Donnell

The following pictures are courtesy of Peter P. Donohue
The Flight of the Resolution Committee would like to thank Peter for his support