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Donation Procedures

For donations/gifts (NOT tax deductible), please endorse ro Christopher O'Donnell and mail to the following address.

At this time we are not accepting donations. Check back with us later for further information.

Please mark in the memo section of the check, " RESOLUTION" . And finally, Christopher would like to let you know for the record, " I personally assure you that your offering WILL be used for the Resolution project!"



The Flight of the Resolution Committee would like to acknowledge the following individuals who have donated to our efforts and the vision of commemorating this historical event.


Jay Finkelstein
Lou Soucie
Eric Baglemann
Bruce Finocchio
Dave Crocker
rymae & Ted MacDonald
Ron Kaufmann
Bobbie Datwyler
John Bradke
Derek Au
Thomas Wells
Glenn Morgan
Molly Brady
John Burke
Warren Atkins
Les Junge
Barry and Judy Pfeil
Stuart & Jordy Bacon
P. Surrey Blackburn
Jim & Cathy Henderson
Marc Solari
Nick Veronico
Matthew Mintz

North West
Wilbert Rojewski
Carol Dietrich
Polly Flinn
Kathleen Heil
Dave Pine
Mark Gonzales
Patrick Sullivan
Jim Williams
John Hechim
Jesse Ottley
Duane Gavin
Sallie Bernstein
Brad Benton
Richard Silva
John Barich Jr.
Richard Kimball
Alan Bradley
John Mason
Dave Osgood
Mark Zborowski






Flight of the Resolution Preservation Committee


Founding Member







Christopher O'Donnell

Patrick Sullivan

Samuel Epstein

Dave Pine

Denny Bailly

Linda Suffion

Mark Zborowski



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July 30th, 2015

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