Flight of the Resolution

October 2009 Dedication at El Corte Madera Creek Preserve

A galley of photos from the June 27th Flight of the Resolution dedication

October 2012 BPCA Images

Courtsey of Peter Wordsworth

February 2005 Activity

Newly released pictures from a February 2005 hike to investigate the condition of the largest intact wing portion with Christopher O'Donnell and North West from the Hiller Aviation museum

October 2003 Activity

Pictures from the October 25th MROSD docent hike to the crash site in recognition of the 50th anniversary. Photographs are courtesy of Christopher O'Donnell

The following pictures are courtesy of Peter P. Donohue

The Flight of the Resolution Committee would like to thank Peter for his support

To see his collection go to > > http://www.singlespeed.org/Resolution/resolution-index.html

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